About Us


We are a high-functioning, productive, and profitable salon. Our daily performance reflects our commitment to grow personally and professionally. We move forward, conscious that every choice is in alignment to best serve the Studio, our team, our guests, and our community. 

Our business growth provides a stable and sustainable platform for limitless financial income and success—for both team members and the Studio entity. 

We are in the top 20% of our industry, recognized professionally as a benchmark for exceptional services and successful business practices. 

Each team member is a valuable part of our success. We are healthy and confident in our creativity, guest satisfaction, and team member support, with kind leadership, ongoing training and continually evolving systems. 

Our team culture evolves from a space of gratitude, appreciation, and alignment with our shared vision. We are proactive in the ways that we grow and evolve to fit the needs of the Studio and our team. We attract happy, like-minded loyal guests, who support us and enthusiastically connect new guests to us. 


Whatever we go through, no matter what happens, we do it together. 

We are a team of creative, caring professionals, committed to a consistent experience every day. We use clear, compassionate communication for growth and conflict resolution. We are a passionate, supportive, high-performing team. We help each other to grow while we lift each other up.   

We create a fun, loving, kind, respectful environment, with gratitude and appreciation. We embrace collaboration, accountability, and ongoing education. 

We work to provide a future for guests to make us their #1 choice for modern style and a personal experience of inclusion and exceptional service. 

We are committed to helping you feel beautiful, inside and out. As industry influencers, our passion is to connect with you, customizing each appointment for you, in a safe environment. We provide industry-leading products and education for you to be successful with your look every day on your journey to beauty and wellness. 



We continually grow. Our ongoing training program raises the quality of our skills and education, both personally and professionally, achieving an ever-evolving higher standard. We ensure that our guests have an exceptional studio experience, every time they visit. We choose only the best professional and retail products, and provide education so that our guests have the skills to look great every day. 


We embrace new ideas with trust, flexibility, and outside-the-box thinking.  

We are driven and determined to create a successful work environment with systems and supports that are in balance with personal and professional goals. 


Our guests become friends, and our friends become family. 

Using clean and clear communication, we create an environment that is respectful, kind, professional, and loving, for our guests and our team. 


Our commitment to our foundational belief that people are most important drives every decision we make for our brand. 


Whatever we go through, no matter what happens, we do it together. We value balance between family and work, service, and financial freedom—we lead with appreciation, passion, and recognition.